Garfield Township, Fife Lake


466 W. Sharon Road, Fife Lake MI 49633

Garfield Township Current Events

**Garfield Township Annual Clean-Up**

The Annual Spring Cleanup will continue on Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend (5-29-2021) from 7:00am-12:00pm.  In an effort to avoid some of the confusion surrounding what is expected and allowed during this very successful program we are outlining the Top Ten Rules.

     10.  NO household garbage, liquids, paint, oil, antifreeze, gas, chemicals, hazardous waste, explosive materials, broken glass, yard waste,       concrete, burn barrels or any item too heavy for two people to pick up.

     09.  NO appliances with Freon.

     08.  Loose materials MUST be in a container.

     07.  Fencing material MUST be tightly bound.

     06.  Auto parts/engines accepted; cars MUST have a title.

     05.  Car tires limited to 12 per household.

     04.  Large tires without rims limited to 5.

     03.  Vehicle batteries accepted.

     02.  Household rubbish, building materials, furniture; carpet and flooring must be cut to 5' lengths, rolled and tied.

     01.  You MUST have a current drivers license or your last property tax notice!